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my story


My passion for health and wellness dates back to my late teenage years. I loved salads, exercised daily, and was always at my ideal weight. My friends and family called me a “health-nut” and often teased me for always having my shit so put together. 

Back then, all I ate was salads and I didn’t recognize the importance of eating a variety of foods that enabled my body to obtain the necessary nutrients it needed to function optimally. Exercise was an obsessive struggle that brought on anxiety rather than happy endorphins. And calorie counting for the greater portion of my life allowed me to achieve the body I dreamed of, but little did I know, it would be at the expense of my digestion, wreaking havoc on my metabolism all while altering my mental state.


As years went on and life’s responsibilities increased - corporate career, marriage, two kids - my ability to prioritize my health with appropriate self-care was challenging. My focus was on juggling the mega-load while everything else took a back seat.  Malnourishment disguised itself in eating the same fruits and vegetables daily, replacing real healthy fats with protein shakes and significantly reducing carbs. Some people would consider this healthy and balanced – I certainly did. In reality though, it was far from it.


You see, compromising meals for so many years slowly brought my nutrient profile into a deficit. No longer making physical exercise a part of my life due to lack of time converted my aches and pains into arthritis. And eliminating higher caloric, nutrient-dense foods reduced my brain and adrenal’s capacity to navigate stress and brought me to a state of depression at 15 months post-partum with my second child. When I began weaning him off the breast, I was clinically diagnosed with Delayed Post-Partum Depression. Yes! This is a thing! 


I spiralled into the darkest place imaginable, resulting in 10 weeks of starvation, daily vomiting, and an inability to take care of my family, all while remaining silent within my career. Through sheer exhaustion and deprivation, I was forced to allow the medical system to fix me through conventional medicine (yes – there are times when conventional meds are necessary) along with nourishment of daily nutrient-packed smoothies, thanks to my hubby. It was a long road to recovery, but with balanced nutrition, loving support, meditation, and prayer, I survived. 


my turning point

Following a 6-month recovery, I returned to work clear-minded and healthy like never before. Hitting rock bottom was ground-breaking as it allowed me to see my life in a way I never imagined. I had to be brutally honest with myself in how I wanted to live my life moving forward. Often, the hardest decisions are those that surround aspects of life that look so good on paper and yet, don’t resonate within. It was inevitable.


Within two months, I made the decision to resign from my job, ending a 16-year tenure with a massive corporation that provided great benefits, a generous pension, and a 6-figure salary. I finally understood why my life unfolded as it had – each experience had been a stepping-stone to the next. In August of 2018, I enrolled in a one-year intensive full-time program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition where I studied to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ (RHN), earning a diploma in Natural Nutrition. It was an incredible experience with many challenges, as returning to school after 20 years with two young children under 4 years of age was quite the feat; but in Autumn of 2019, I officially became an RHN, graduating with high honours and a plethora of knowledge which I am so excited to share with each and every one of you. 


xo mel

But put together, I was not. 

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