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why a holistic nutritionist

This is a valuable question not only when determining 

which health modality to pursue, but also when you are

at the point of contemplating which Holistic Nutritionist 

to put your faith into.


Since you are biologically unique, a Holistic Nutritionist will explore your individuality through a thorough initial consultation in order to learn everything they possibly can about you, like your health history, health concerns, and food preferences, as no one can advocate for your health better than you can.


An excellent Holistic Nutritionist will empower you to intuitively listen to your body and its needs since when in balance, your body will direct you to the food, movement and rest it requires. Think about it - when fighting the flu, most people desire only warm broth and their pillow.


Along this journey, a Holistic Nutritionist will explore your symptoms as clues to imbalances and will develop a customized protocol that will align with your needs including meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, lifestyle suggestions i.e. physical and mental exercise, as well as supplement recommendations. 


The journey to improved wellness is often a daunting one

but with the support of a Holistic Nutritionist, you will learn

so much about yourself and realize how baby steps can truly

lead to significant change. 

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