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Mindful Eating for Happy and Healthy Kids: A Group Workshop for Parents

60 Mins | $500+TAX 



          The goal of this workshop is to empower parents to make the healthiest and affordable food choices for their children that will help elevate learning potential, enhance physical performance and foster mental and emotional balance. As a mother of two young children, Mel understands the challenges parents face in helping their children maintain a healthy diet.

Cooking Lesson

          In this workshop, Mel provides practical tips and strategies for promoting mindful eating which can help children develop a healthy relationship with food and avoid unhealthy eating habits. Mel also discusses anxiety-reducing foods that can help children manage stress and promote calmness. By the end of this workshop, parents will have a better understanding of how to encourage mindful eating habits in their children, as well as the types of foods that can help alleviate anxiety and promote overall well-being. Join Mel and discover how to create a healthy and happy eating environment for your family!

Healthify Your Family with MelA Workshop for Parents

Create a healthier environment for your family with Mel Can Nourish's "Healthify Your Family Workshops" rooted in providing parents and children the fundamentals of healthy eating and its role in physical and mental wellbeing. Workshops are provided in the comfort of your own home by Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Melisa Cannella, a.k.a. Mel.


Eating Breakfast

   ​    Meal Designing Workshop

  • Understanding portion control

  • Gut Health and its role

  • Debunking diet culture

  • Healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner exploration

  • Meal design

  • 90 Minutes | $200+TAX

        Fundamentals of Nutrition

  • The role of healthy nutrition

  • Nutritious foods vs. occasional foods

  • Reading & understanding labels

  • Sugar and healthy alternatives

  • Snack exploration

  • 90 Minutes | $200+TAX

Baking Cookies

        All Hands on Plate

  • In this workshop, children will have the opportunity to create simple and nutritious recipes for breakfast, snack and lunch with Mel and parent assistance

  • PLUS - parents will be gifted a customized recipe book complete with breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner options based on the family's dietary and serving requirements

  • 90 Minutes | $225

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